Kaiser Copylizer Işıklı Tabla ve Kolon 35 x 43 cm (5212)



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Copylizer eVision exe.cutive

Copylizer eVision exe.cutive

Code No.: 5212

Camera stand with integrated transmitted light source. Illumina base with four 13 W daylight fluorescents 5400 K, illuminated area 43 x 35 cm (16.9 x 13.8 in.). Illuminance 3300 cd/m2. Mounting fixtures for optional side lighting unit. Height-adjustable feet. Base with spirit level. 70 mm (2.8 in) wide high-stability, vibration-resistant column made of special aluminum tubing, matt black anodized, with cm and inch scales. Hand-crank operated height adjustment of camera arm by friction drive on plastic bearings. Weight compensation by integrated coil spring, RTP camera arm with horizontally adjustable camera platform, camera body positioning device and interchangeable 1/4” and 3/8” threads.
Illumina base (WxD): 63 x 55 cm (24.8 x 21.7 in.) 
Column height: 1 m (40 in.) 
Max. load: approx. 4 kg (8.8 lbs.) 
Mains cord: 2.5 m (6.5 ft.)

5212: Copylizer eVision exe.cutive HF
Illumina base with high-frequency operation system (approx. 40 kHz) for flicker-free operation, especially important for use with digital scanning cameras.

(Replacement lamp(s): 2136, 2477)

This product is marketed for the primary purpose of illumination for image capture. It is not intended for household lighting.


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Kaiser Copylizer Işıklı Tabla ve Kolon 35 x 43 cm (5212)
Kaiser Copylizer Işıklı Tabla ve Kolon 35 x 43 cm (5212)

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