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Benro QR13 Quick Release Plate



160,50 TL

160,50 TL

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      • For Benro S8 Video Head
      • Interchangeable w/ Manfrotto MA504PLONG
      • Longer Version of 501PL and QR6 Plates
      • Includes 1/4"-20 Screw

The Benro QR13 Quick Release Plate is the same plate that comes with several Benro video heads and tripod systems, including the S8 Pro Video Head. The plate is also interchangeable with the Manfrotto MA504PLONG, and is therefore compatible with a number of Manfrotto and third-party tripod heads, monopods, camera rigs, and quick release adapters. It can also be used as a longer alternative for many pieces of equipment originally designed to use the Manfrotto 501PL and Benro QR6 quick release plates.


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Benro QR13 Quick Release Plate
Benro QR13 Quick Release Plate

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